Autonomous vehicles: sci-fact on track?

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Google’s cars have driven more than 1.3 million miles since 2009. They can recognize hand signals from traffic officers and “think” at speeds no human can match.

What a statement. Eh? Certainly, this opener serves as fertile ground for some meaty chatter around the steady rise of autonomous vehicles.

But before I proceed further, #SMCHAT is pleased to announce that today’s chat marks the seamless evolution of its mobility segment onto a broader category of topics: emergent technology. Sure, we’ll continue in future to explore related mobile tech and its various, ongoing impacts on our digital lives. But we also wanted to open up the chatter box a bit and boldly go where no Twitter chats have hashtagged before (er um .. not my best line but whatev .. blame Chris #KIDDING ;)

So back to Google’s latest news: IKR??

Such rich fodder. And really,  a topic which requires little framing as everyone on the planet is aware of this technology and how keen certain players in the automotive industry are to partner with Google and other developers.

So let’s dive (drive?) right in:

Q1  What are the clear benefits of implementing autonomous vehicles? What specific use cases would make it useful and helpful?

Q2  Should this technology be subject to specific legislation/regulation to ensure accountability and safety? How?

Q3 Will self-driving cars become mainstream? Will you invest in one? Why?

Q4 How should autonomous vehicles be powered? Renewable energy or other sources?



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