Nurturing trust in an #IoT world

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♫ Cuz we are living .. in a digital world, and I am just a digital girl .. ♫

Aaanyway, it kinda works .. LOL

A recent Forbes post squarely hypes up the digitization wave steadily transforming our daily lives, more specifically in retail: the Internet of Things (#IoT) is set to invade your clothes!! And neither Madonna nor two exclamation points can accurately portray the bubble-pop effect of this hyperbole hiccup.

‘Smart clothes’, smart watches, smart everything! It seems modern society is on an unyielding mission to realize a futuristic paradigm that sees mankind nestled comfortably within a highly sentient, intelligent and self-sufficient technological infrastructure where nearly every aspect of existence is identifiable, quantifiable and what…controllable (?)

Obviously, the post makes no suggestion whatsoever to this effect. But that’s also why it would typically highlight:

“The digital capability is there, and it’s about figuring out how to use it most effectively,” said Murphy. “Products are able to be born digital.”

OHRLY ?? The things marketers say, eh

Isn’t that always the rub.

Let’s spend time rubbing in that rub and asking ourselves the questions we should be asking now:

Q1 Should all things be digitized? Why? why not?

Q2 What are the clear benefits of fully digitized and interconnected products and personal properties?

Q3 Are there any perceived risks in the broader, long-term use of IoT?

Q4 What connected household device and/or wearable do you find most useful and why?

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