Humanizing Social Change: Focusing More on Social, Less on Media

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DSC000050-Crowd_InLine(unfocused)Change, as you know, is everywhere. It keeps things interesting for change makers, but it can be exhausting.

No wonder global coffee sales are a whopping $81B.

In past weeks, you may have noticed some introspection among #smchat moderators, as we’ve worked to understand the shifting sands of socialmedia, Twitter, and Twitter chats .. including #smchat itself. We’ve designed a survey to bring focus to most of the major drivers – value, content, format and timing – to guide possible #smchat course corrections. Please take our survey, linked here; it will only take a moment.

In terms of Social Change, it’s a topic that remains of high interest to many, even as it’s scope and scale stretches the imagination. It’s our 4th WEDS #smchat topic by popular demand, but grappling with it can still prove elusive. Here are excerpts from the Wikipedia definition of social change:

Social change is progress or evolution .. in which society moves forward .. driven by cultural, economic, religious, scientific, or technological forces.

Ok. But that’s simply huge. Where can we engage, and hope to add value? What role can #socialmedia hope to play?

Maybe it’s that #socialmedia (a mostly technological force) has begun to mature, but we really haven’t crack the nut on engagement. Props to Autom Tagsa for planting this seed with me:

Maybe it’s time to focus more on social, less on media.

Let’s explore that in today’s chat:

  • Q1. Does the culture of the web encourage or discourage personal connection?
  • Q2. Relationships can be sparked via #socialmedia, but can they be actually nurtured and expanded? How? Is F2f required?
  • Q3. Scalability is both the promise and the curse of #socialmedia. In the context of #socialchange, who’s winning?
  • Q4. How (specifically) can we further humanize #socialmedia?
  • Q5. How can we shape our personal #socialchange agenda and still make an impact? 

We’re starting our 8th year discussing the many and varied possibilities of #socialmedia at #smchat. To me, #socialchange looms large on that list. Please join me as we continue our journey of social #learning and #discovery.

See you at #smchat WEDS 1 p.m. ET. Just sign on to Twitter, and put hashtag #smchat (and occasionally #socialchange) in your tweets. And let the conversation begin :)

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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