The Future of (sm)Chat – the results are in; and the Survey Says?

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Most hesitate when asked to complete a survey. I know I do. But over the last 6 weeks, 31 people in the #smchat community opted to take a few minutes to share their thoughts on what they see as longer-term success factors. The results of the first ever #smchat Futures Survey are in.

Clearly it’s ill-advised to extrapolate our own survey results too much to those of other chats or even chats in general. The temptation, of course, is irresistable. Our #smchat has been running over 7 years. As a chat community that’s surviving amidst a broad proliferation of other choices, we can conclude something has been working for us. What that might be is worth some broader reflection. But we also are challenging our own thinking as a moderator group. What might we be missing?

In any case, there are some interesting trends here. We’re sharing results for your consideration and discussion. Answers that demonstrated a stronger, differentiated response are shaded darker.

#smchat Futures Survey July 2016 - Q1 Value

Q1 “Why do you keep coming back to #smchat?”

#smchat Futures Survey July 2016 - Q2 Format

Q2 – “Do you find the #smchat Q&A format & advance framing useful?

#smchat Futures Survey July 2016 - Q3 Timing

Q3 – “What is the best timing for #smchat participation & engagement?”

#smchat Futures Survey July 2016 - Q4 Content

Q4 – “How could #smchat content be more useful or relevant?”

On WEDS 8/3 at 1pm ET we’ll discuss each survey Q in turn, and talk about how #smchat as a community can and should respond.

Thanks to everyone who participated. As always, we’ll see you online !! And watch for the transcript posted here, courtesy @johnwlewis @holosoft.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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