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Build influence by being a leader

Build influence by being a leader

I’ll admit, I procrastinated this week’s framing post. It’s been a tough week and although the recent SMChat survey says that advance framing is important; family is even more important.

So here we are, just over 12 hours before the chat is starting putting together a post about influencers and influencer marketing. Since nearly 60% of marketers are increasing influencer marketing budgets this year, it seems many companies already know what influencer marketing is and why it’s important. Influencer marketing started out as word-of-mouth marketing, and with the addition of social media to spread the word even farther. By using social media influencers to market your product or service your influence expands exponentially. Still not sure where, why or how you should find your influencers? Let’s answer these questions during the Twitter chat:

  1. Does influencer marketing have a place in your marketing strategy? What’s the impact?
  2. What makes a good social media influencer and how do you find them? Does it vary by platform?
  3. Chats like #influencerchat can spark ideas, but what can you do to build relationships?
  4. Do you require that influencers disclose any relationships with your company? How do you disclose on social media?
  5. Is an employee advocacy program the same thing as a social media influencer program? Why or why not?

Join us Wednesday, August 10, 2016, at 1P ET to discuss these questions and more! Can’t join us on Wednesday or have a different question to have answered? Please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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