A Little Help from our Friends – Customer Service Resources

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Help from my friends

Can’t we all us a little help from our friends? In business and in life, the answer should always be, “Yes!”

Regardless of your career path, you will need to provide customer service to someone at some point – maybe it will be an internal customer or maybe it will be an external customer. Do you always know what to do? Do you know how to customize your approach? Do you know who to ask if you need help? What customer resources do you use?

For the August 17, 2016 monthly customer service feature on #SMChat, we will focus on our customer service resources. We will share our resources and capture those resources for future reference. We will collaborate to yield better results for our customers and ourselves.

The chat will take place at 1 p.m. ET, we hope that you will join us to discuss the following questions:

Q1. Who are your favorite customer service experts and why?

Q2. What customer service blogs provide the best advice?

Q3. What books or articles have helped shape your approach to customer service?

Q4. What is your favorite customer service mantra?

Q5. What organizations provide the best customer service? What stands out for each?

After our chat, you will be able to use the information shared to develop or expand your own customer service resources list.

I want to share some of my customer service favorites in advance of the chat. These are my go to resources. There will also be other resources shared during the chat and subsequently appearing in the chat transcript.

Experts that I look to for advice (each is a good resource and a good person): Marsha Collier, Greg Ortbach, Roy Atkinson, Jeannie Walters, and Frank Eliason.

Customer Service Blogs:

The Salesforce Customer Service Blog 
Shep Hyken’s Blog 
Tedx Customer Service talks on YouTube


Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
Hug Your Customers – Jack Mitchell
HBR.org Customer Service
Forbes Customer Service
Inc. Customer Service