What’s Your Story? Join the #smchat #content series pilot 8/31

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Content: Getting StartedOne takeaway from #smchat’s first ever Futures Survey – change can be a good thing. At #smchat, we know the story well. After all, our virtual chat community has been immersed in shifting currents (members, tools, ideas) from the outset.

Digital chats like #smchat have no brick & mortar. Most of us have never met. Spaces that are web-based and social meda-driven (B2B, B2C, C2C) demand a pace of change .. and exchange .. that can be staggering.

We’re 7-years into this, and it’s still all we can do to keep up.

Mulling new topic ideas, we came upon content development. In many ways content is the currency of internet exchange. How is it best created? shared? marketed? As writers, how do we find our voice? our story? our audience? What tools do we use? How can we compress our ideas into 140c, or 3-minute reads, or even pictures and videos?

Creating digital content in the 21st century can be a little daunting. So we committing one #smchat session per month – every 4th WEDS at 1pm ET – to exlore content-centered topics in depth.

For me, it’s an exciting path. I’ve been a writer since grade school. Yes, I was the kid that got A’s in English, and I’m still a bit OCD on punctuation and grammar. Since then, having self-published a book, I’ll have plenty to share re: lessons learned. With my next title on the way, it’s all I can do to stop typing. The ideas are flowing fast.

Such is the plight of the writer .. or, should we say .. digital content developer !?

Not sure it will fit on a business card. But let’s go with it.

The preliminary positioning for the new Week 4 series is “Content in the Creative Process”.  Hashtags I see us using in addition to #smchat include: #content #creative #writer #writing #storytelling #digitalrights #contentmarketing and others TBD. We’ll extend props to the folks over at #contentchat, and hopefully compare notes with them along the way. And we’ll be vigilant for guest speakers.

Stay tuned for our editorial calendar, which we’ll publish here soon.  It will change and grow, like the community itself. But there’s already lots to discuss. Let’s start with these 4 Q’s:

  • Q1. What’s your story? Have you articulated one? And what brings you to the new #smchat #content series?
  • Q2. What motivates a writer or a brand to keep creating digital content?
  • Q3. What are the most productive ways to tell your story via digital channels (e.g., WordPress, Medium, Twtter, Instagram)?
  • Q4. Will your story involve others, and could it evolve with them?

Join our pilot conversation, WEDS 8/31 at 1pm ET, and get in on the ground floor. Simply add #smchat to your tweets at the appointed time. We recommend a streaming app like Tweet Deck.

The new #smchat Week 4 .. a happening place to be. Hope to see you online.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)


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