Can beacons truly transform the Enterprise?

Posted on September 6, 2016 by


A recent Techcrunch (TC) post surfaced five key ways in which Bluetooth beacons are supposedly poised to “transform the enterprise.”

It turns out that as a culture, we’re tired of being marketed to. We’re sick of ads, and we’re creeped out by businesses stalking our movements.

Now we’ve heard this type of hyped headliner before and, often, we see the pace of so-called ‘transformation’ can be more of an incremental struggle than a memorable watershed.

And to no one’s surprise, people are getting more and more sensitive to how they are marketed to; in some cases, many shy away from the promise of tech-enabled enhancements due to more serious implications involving privacy and personal information.

And yet, there continues to be this unrelenting mantra that “beacons and their ecosystems have incredible potential to transform how we do work, from the conference room to the construction site.”

So lets have a closer look, shall we? Lets deconstruct what kind of impact,  effect and implication(s) each of these five “transformative” ways will have. So following TC’s guidance, beacons are supposed to bring:

Q1  Streamlined access to a range of entities from physical properties to electronic data: what could possibly go wrong?

Q2  Improved/more efficient ability to track properties, equipment, machinery etc.: how does this affect job performance?

Q3  Improved/more efficient ability to track people (employees), their location, what they’re doing, etc.: how does this affect employee attitudes?

Q4 Wayfinding/navigation: what type of enterprise model/industry sector would see this as a benefit?

Q5 Automated environments: protecting, securing and empowering a workforce through beacon-enabled functions. What specific automated systems do you think can be implemented quickly?

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