Finding a Voice: An Early Step in your Digital Content Journey

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The mic is live. What 'voice' is delivering your message? #writing #contentstrategy

The mic is live. What ‘voice’ is delivering your message? #writing #contentstrategy

Conversation requires a voice.  Have you thought about how you come across in the digital marketplace of ideas?

At our #contentseries launch last month, we said creating digital content in the web-infused 21st century can be daunting, though connecting and publishing are easier than ever. The send button literally cries out to be used. But what do we say? How do we say it? These are early and important (if not fundamental) questions to be addressed as we embark on a digital content journey.

We’ve selected “Content and the Digital Creative” as our new “week 4” series meta-frame, and we’re committing one #smchat session per month – every 4th WEDS at 1pm ET – to exlore content-focused topics in depth.

In this 2nd installment of the new series, let’s discuss “voice” in devliering our content. Minus vlogs or videos (another topic/chat to be sure) we’re generally not speaking aloud.  In written and online channels, the term voice translates to our point of view, the visible slice of our personality, the perspective we provide as a content contributor. We might say it’s the ‘self’ we bring to content, if we bring one at all.  What’s that? No self?  Well consider this example:  if we’re talking on behalf of a company or a brand, our voice might not be ours at all, but rather, a collective voice that seeks to communicate all-important brand messages.

Voice is critical in deciding how to convey our digital content. Here are the framing questions for our WEDS 9/28 1pm ET chat:

  • Q1. What are unique elements of a digital voice? Style? Tone? Formality? Intimacy?
  • Q2. How do we distinguish between branded vs. personal messaging?
  • Q3. Can branded and personal messaging be mixed? What are the risks?
  • Q4. What responsibilities do we have when writing content for a brand or 3rd-party entity?
  • Q5. How do you know if or when your voice is fully established?

We’ll continue to unpack the many challenges, tools, and dynamics as they shape our digital content journey. We’d love for you to join us. Simply add #smchat to your tweets at the appointed time. We recommend a streaming app like Tweet Deck.

Crossover helps new ideas and connections emerge.  Additional hashtags that we’ll work in, besides #smchat #contentseries, will include: #content #creative #writer #writing #storytelling #digitalrights and #contentmarketing. We’ll check-in with the folks over at #contentchat. And we’ll be vigilant in looking for guest speakers.  Stay tuned for our editorial calendar which I’ll publish here soon.  It will be our starting point, but it will change and grow, like the community itself.

In a digital world, it’s increasingly about content. Let’s talk about it. Hope to see you online.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)


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