Phone-as-a-Service: mobile’s final frontier?

Posted on October 3, 2016 by


A colleague pinged me on a brow-raising post by Guardian on the what appears to be ‘silent war’ among manufacturers and smartphone players. Over what? Well, ultimately, YOUR attention.

Nothing new to us, right? But what the article highlights as the proposed state of smartphone innovation reaching a final stagnation point is an intriguing area of discussion.

Also, if you are in agreement with this premise, then indeed what could possibly be the long reaching implications of key players’s strategies as they manically vie for the user’s attention.

And by attention, we mean “commitment”. And by commitment, we mean “money”. And by money, we mean “all the time, gimme gimme .. ”

The boom years for the industry, when a smartphone was a user’s first, are long gone in developed nations with most smartphones now sold to people who already have one.

Does this ring true with you? And is the proposed model of the “Phone-as-a-Service” per the Guardian article a viable alternative?

What, another PaaS?? (for those who know of Platform-as-a-Service) or should it be PhaaS so as not confuse .. #iDigress

Lets get straight to the meat of things this week and have a closer look at this:

  • Q1 Do you agree that smartphone innovation has come to a full halt? Why/why not?
  • Q2 Describe how you understand this idea of a “Phone-as-a-Service” (#PhaaS)
  • Q3 What are the clear advantages of this proposed model #PhaaS?
  • Q4 What are the obvious disadvantages of this proposed model #PhaaS?
  • Q5 How else DO YOU think should this perceived stagnation be addressed?