Customer Experience Built on Service

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Is your organization focused on building the best customer experience? The type of customer experience that will improve retention, allow you to “up sell,” and increase your net promoter score does not happen by chance. It is intentional. It is constructed from the beginning to the end with the customer in mind.

The beginning of the customer experience is the company culture, followed by good fit hiring practices so that the people who interact with the customer are an extension of the company culture. It is key to empower customer service, build positive interactions, and follow up on issues/post interaction gratitudes are all a part of the process. If one part of that chain suffers, there are downstream ramifications. With the addition of social media to the process, the issues that could arise in any part of the process can be amplified, which makes the consistency throughout the customer experience critical.

On the October 19, 2016 #SMChat we will discuss the following questions and pool our knowledge to continue to build the best customer experiences possible. Join us for the questions below at 1pm ET for our monthly customer service feature on the #SMChat tweetchat.

Q1. Is your culture built for service? How?

Q2. How do you ensure best fit hiring practices?

Q3. What customer interaction metrics does your organization track?

Q4. How do you connect metrics together for a holistic view of your customer experience model?

Q5. How is customer service empowered to build the best possible customer experience?

Q6. What are the best practices for following up after a sale or a customer service interaction?

Q7. What steps are taken to ensure consistency of experience throughout the process?


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