Content Development (the series): Why Style and Consistency Matter

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content-styleIn our debut editions of the #smchat #contentseries, we’ve talked so far about telling our story and finding our voice. Each of these aspects of content delivery helps us refine our messaging. Both, in tandem, help us build the context of our brand, laying a foundation for more and more content to follow. But of course, there’s still more to do.

Without attention to style and form, our content may sound like it’s coming from different places. That’s a problem. In the fast-paced, attention-curtailed world of the internet, a bad first impression may be costly. Our ability to produce content with a consistent style gives you a professional leg up, a chance to hold your readers beyond the few seconds that are the typical read time for the typical web page.

Our own @ErikaHeald is a consultant in the content delivery space, with significant experience in all matters of digital content style. Her recent post on building a style guide is a great resource as we focus on refining our messaging.

I am excited to welcome Erika as our guest speaker for #smchat #contentseries on WEDS 10/26 at 1pm ET, as we look into matters of style, in the context of developing and promoting our digital content. Here are the questions to guide our conversation:

  • Q1. Why are consistency & form important in building brand messages? 
  • Q2. Is a style guide a luxury, or a requirement? When is it mandatory?
  • Q3. Do brands pay enough attention to style? If not, why not?
  • Q4. Before there’s a formal guide, what early steps can help us launch a common style across our content portfolio?

Please plan to join Erika and me for our #contentseries conversation.

We’re up next this WEDS 10/26 at 1pm ET.

Don’t forget, we meet every 4th WEDS on Twitter, using hashtag #smchat. We recommend a streaming app like Tweetdeck. Just use the #smchat hashtag in your tweets at the appointed time .. and we’ll be off to the races.

Much to discuss. We hope you’ll join us.

Chris aka @sourcepov

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