Life with autonomous tech

Posted on October 28, 2016 by


.. but experts Reuters talked to are more skeptical of its [Uber’s] move into freight

What about you? Do you think Uber-owned Otto has what it takes to offer freight hauling services with autonomous trucks?

A recent TechCrunch post offers an intriguing view into how autonomous tech is being incrementally embedded into an industry area like transport.

Surely we’ve all come across a media clip or two about self-driving vehicles. In fact, Uber has a promo video for Otto, and a recent Ars Technica post highlights the unbending trail Elon Musk is taking as autonomous Tesla cars blaze through the next iteration with more robust hardware.

Still. Are you on board with this tech? Excited? Apprehensive? Both?

Let’s explore and discuss during our usual time slot, on Wed November 2, 2016 at 1:00 pm ET:

Q1 What’s your view on the ever growing presence of autonomous tech in our lives?

Q2 Do you agree with Musk that the Tesla Florida incident was demonized by media and thus affected the tech’s credibility? Why/why not?

Q3 Should autonomous tech always have the purview and control of humans?

Q4 What other aspects of day-to-day human activity could see (already sees) a benefit from autonomous tech?