Let’s Talk Marketing Budgets – 2017 Edition

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2017 Budget

2017 Marketing Budgets – Are You Ready?

This is going to be a tough chat, because everyone is either wiped out from staying up late to watch the presidential election results or too busy talking about the winners and losers to pay attention to chats. We talked about politics last month, so let’s talk about something else.

No matter which candidate wins, marketing budgets for 2017 will be impacted. Some companies are spending excess budgets before the end of 2016, others expect to need inexpensive marketing ideas for next year, and then there are some who don’t even know where to start when developing a marketing budget. Let’s talk about strategies for developing a realistic, measurable marketing budget in this week’s chat.

  1. Wordstream has a great marketing budget infographic – what process do you use to budget for marketing?
  2. What if you’ve got extra 2016 budget? It’s possible according to AdAge so how do you spend it effectively?
  3. If your marketing budget is slashed, how do you decide what to cut? Have you ever considered co-op marketing funds? According to Search Engine Land up to $35 billion of co-op funds go unused every year!
  4. How do you budget for content marketing? Forbes talks about the importance of budgeting for content marketing, but is inbound marketing only an afterthought in most 2017 budgets?
  5. According to AdExchanger video spending grew by 85% last year. Is video part of your marketing strategy for 2017?

Join us Wednesday, November 9, 2016, at 1P ET on the #smchat Twitter hashtag to discuss these questions and more! Can’t join us on Wednesday or have a different question that you want answered? Please leave a comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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