Can Facebook successfully enter the recruiting market?

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A TechCrunch (TC) post was published last month indicated that Facebook may join in on LinkedIn’s recruiting business, allowing business Pages to promote job listings.

A new Facebook option in the status update composer allows Pages to formally share a job opening with related details like job title, salary or if it’s full-time versus part-time.

TechCrunch found a Jobs tab on its Facebook Page, the social media giant confirmed in the article that it’s experimenting with some recruiting features.

There’s also an option that will allow Pages to share a status update with information such as the job title, salary and if the position is part-time or full-time.

Since job postings will include an “Apply Now” button, it would give pages the opportunity to boost that posting and help include followers it didn’t have in the process.

The concerning aspect is applications will be received as a Facebook Message, that’s added work for the person in charge of social media. It would lead to a chat feature which companies may not want to deal with.

A solution would be that applications go to the email address of said HR personnel or the employer looking to fill in a position. Also recruiters can use data already on Facebook such as previous experience and interests to find the right candidates.

This should not come as a surprise considering how often Facebook is acquiring companies that dab in VR and implementing Instagram Stories to compete with Snapchat. With the addition of a games option on Messenger and a store for users to shop on the main app, Facebook will eventually become a one stop shop for just about everything you can do on the Internet.

Q1. Do you think Facebook will be able to fully integrate itself to the recruiting market?

Q2. Will users actually apply for jobs through Facebook?

Q3. If this does catch on will people post less personal opinions on Facebook?

Q4. Do you see this as a positive for companies to try out?

Q5. Would this be a role for a social media manager to take on?

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