2016 Marketing Trends and 2017 Predictions

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2016 Marketing Trends and 2017 Predictions

What are your 2017 Marketing Predictions?

It’s December, so time for a recap of the marketing trends from 2016 and time to make some predictions for what will work in 2017.

I was reading the most popular marketing categories for 2016 in Target Marketing magazine and their top 10 included:

10. Content Marketing

9. Search

8. B-to-B

7. Online Marketing

6. Marketing Strategy

5. Email

4. Marketing Automation and CRM

3. Data

2. Branding, Agency, and Creative

1. Direct Mail, Print and Postal

Now they may be a LITTLE biased since they started out as a direct marketing publication many years ago and still send out a print magazine, but I find it interesting that Social Media, Mobile, and Video aren’t listed. Would influencer marketing fall into the social media category if it were in the top 10? And what about analytics, measurement, and metrics? Do they fall in the “Data” category?

  1. Do you agree with Target Marketing’s top 10 list of most popular categories in 2016? What would you add/remove?
  2. Who was the most influential marketing leader in 2016?
  3. What marketing trends worked for you in 2016?
  4. What was the best marketing technology innovation in 2016
  5. What are your top marketing predictions for 2017?

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