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The holidays are here, and the New Year approaches. It’s a great time to look forward, but sometimes it’s good to look back.

Today we’ll look back at 2016.

Many on the web and in social spaces are bemoaning 2016, but lots of good things happened for #smchat. We’ll use our chat today to amplify them, in part to celebrate successes, in part to reinforce them in 2017 and beyond.

  • Q1. BIGGEST GUEST IMPACT. Gigi sparked the biggest draw with “Health IT” 27-JAN, wrapping up our #socialchange series (for now, at least). As planned, it helps to get out of our own box w/ guest mods. Please come back Gigi!
  • Q2. TOP VOLUME. Sharon continues to raise the #marketing bar, and the bar in general. “PR in the Social Media Mix” 10-FEB drew +60 guests and +400 tweets, just like the old days. Props to her & the crossover #soloPR crew for the energy, w/ more ahead.
  • Q3. MOST ORIGINAL. Amber and “SWOT for Customer Service” 16-NOV brought new thinking and energy to our #custserv series. Customer Service touches so much of our online experience. What’s next?
  • Q4. MOST INNOVATIVE. Autom started a new #techtrends series late this year, with “Autonomous Tech” 02-NOV as the highest turnout yet. Much more ahead on this track.
  • Q5. BEST NEWCOMER SPLASH. Our #contentseries debut “What’s Your Story?” 31-AUG demonstrated staying power. We’ve averaged +200 tweets and around 20 guests for 4 months running. Are we onto something?
  • Q6. MOST ENGAGING. We gained tons of input via “Survey Says?” 03-AUG, seeking guidance from our contributors. Many of the results are already reflected above. Keep the feedback coming!
  • Q7. MOST SUPPORTIVE. The round-up would not be complete without a shout for John W Lewis, hands down our biggest supporter, and a huge part of our success via providing his @holosoft transcripts. Thank you John !!

A big thanks to everyone who’s been a part of #smchat in 2016, as well as those who came before, and those still joining us. No shortage to discuss re: #socialmedia. And please, use our new series hashtags combined with #smchat for maximum topic exposure and networking potential. The more you tag, the more you’ll reach.

Meantime, I hope you’ll join us today, WEDS 12/28, 1pm ET.  If it’s lively, it’s probably at #smchat.

Have a happy and safe holiday !!

Chris aka @sourcepov

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