Customer Service in 2017 – Trends and Tips

Posted on January 18, 2017 by


2017Did I really just type 2017? It seems like time is really flying…I guess I’m having fun. We are nearly 3 weeks into the new year and every one is moving full steam ahead into achieving Q1 results, but as they are moving ahead, are they looking ahead? It is important to be aware of trends and predictions are for the year. I’m not suggesting that anyone jumps on the bandwagon(s), but rather that they are able to consider that as they hone plans for the year. Many organizations set plans in motion and ignore what is changing in the marketplace, which is a mistake. It is important to consider planning in terms of the organization, the market, and the future.

Late last year, there was a helpful article on Forbes, “Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Customer Experience In 2017.” The trends indicated were: continuation of IoT, machine learning, data defining the customer experience, smart diagnostics, and mobile everything. I think that I would add crowd sourcing solutions as an avenue that will continue to expand. (That comes with its own issues of having solutions driven by people that are not “affiliated” with the brand and how they can shape a brand experience, but that is probably for another post.)  Lastly, I would add that hiring the best people to guide the customer experience, who can understand the impact of the trends, apply broader business knowledge to customer experience/service to yield better results, is critical.

I always encourage organizations to have the basics covered before chasing the next big thing. If an organization doesn’t get the basics, then they are unlikely to achieve success chasing the more advanced aspects of customer service and creating the best customer experience.

During the January 18th customer service feature of SMChat, we will be discussing predicted trends and sharing some tips to guide customer experience and customer service in 2017. We hope that you will join us at 1p.m. ET for the chat on twitter. We will cover the questions below during the chat.

Q1. How did customer service/customer experience improve in 2016?

Q2. What industries seem to be achieving the quickest gains in customer experience/customer service?

Q3. What was the biggest customer service/experience downfall in 2016?

Q4. What predicted trend for 2017 are you most excited about and why?

Q5. What are the drawbacks to the automation of customer service/generating customer experience?

Q6. Does your organization have crowd sourced solutions – forums, groups, etc? If so, are they intentional or unintentional?

Q7. How are you/your organization achieving customer service/customer experience success in 2017?