Era of modern robotics

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The robots are taking over!

Right. Well, I guess we need to somehow talk about this take-over without imposing our own crazy ideas about how the world should be run—oh wait .. n’er mind

A TechReview post highlights the significance of the game of poker for  the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and why a computer program may well prove that machines can be a better player.

The implications of an AI win are indeed staggering given the highly nuanced and unpredictable nature of the game, and especially if an AI bot can “crack the code” and replicate (if not supersede) that level of human thinking and strategizing (such an awkward word this one, but I digress).

Now, if the pace of technology’s development and evolution were in fact
exponential as depicted by the law of accelerating returns (Ray Kurzweil), we shouldn’t be too surprised to suddenly see AI programs *enmeshing* themselves quietly into our day-to-day .. right?

It could be a good thing,” says one happy-homemaker-bot voice .. or not.

Lets kick off February with how we might envision an AI enabled world, where
robots, machines and programs play critical roles in these dramatically fast-
moving (often volatile) times:

Q1 What aspect(s) of day-to-day life could really benefit from AI-powered

Q2 Are there any subtle, environmentally related risks in advancing robotics?

Q3 Do you sometimes feel uncertain/reticent about the rise of intelligent
machines? Why/why not?

Q4 An AI-powered robot becomes sentient (ie, self-aware): what’s the first
thing that crosses your mind?

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