Where Were The Puppies? “Big Game” Marketing Trends 2017

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What did you think of the 2017 ads?

What did you think of the 2017 ads?

The “Big Game 2017” – what did you think? There was political commentary (after this election season that’s to be expected I guess), a half-time show that had some people saying it was the best ever, lots of expensive commercials, and oh yeah, Brady and Belichick and the boys won another football trophy. But who was the real winner?

  1. Ads with hashtags? MarketingLand’s #Hashtagbowl showed that only 30% of the 2017 ads had them. Are hashtags dead?
  2. Marketers? If you had $5MM in your budget what would you spend it on? Did Big Game advertisers spend their $5MM wisely?
  3. Brands? Which was your favorite commercial? Why? Did they make AdAge’s Top 10 list of ads by digital share of voice?
  4. Ad execs? They decided their own winner which was the Einstein ad…aka National Geographic’s Bad Romance. What good are awards if no one is buying your product/watching your show?
  5. Mobile marketing? This post by MarTechAdvisor shows that mobile traffic actually increased by 1% during the big game, while desktop traffic dropped 42%. Also, shopping based websites saw a major boost in traffic during the hours following the game (10pm to midnight) with an 11% increase compared to the rest of the day in 2016. How does that impact your marketing plans?
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