Medium: The Writer’s Sandbox (the 1st entry in our monthly #smchat #contentseries)

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I’ve been over on Medium lots lately, writing about .. well, Medium. If that sounds a bit incestuous, that’s on me. But the platform is still relatively new, and there’s lots to learn. With our new #contentseries focus on tools, where better to start than a visit to the new kid on the block.

I hear there’s this great big sandbox ..

For starters, I wrote our background frame about Medium – using Medium !! – to launch our #smchat #contentseries tool review.

If you break it down, Medium has many of the same opportunities and pitfalls as social platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But as a place for writer’s and content developers, there’s lots to love.

In our chat, let’s review Medium with this outline:

  • Q1. Reach. With space to experiment and a slick marketing wrapper, new and experienced writers alike can do well on Medium. Why go elsewhere?
  • Q2. Subject Matter. Hashtags are important, and more tightly managed than on Instagram. Score another for Medium?
  • Q3. UX. Medium is portable, accessible, and ubiquitous, working seamlessly across mobile and browsers. How might that edge play out?
  • Q4. Monetization. Medium is soul searching here. What’s the healthy path?
  • Q5. Signal-Noise. It’s hard to find Medium’s best content. What can be done?
  • Q6. Social, the Learning Curve. Not everyone on Medium gets social. Par for the course? Again, what are options?

Would love your thoughts. We’ll discuss WEDS 2/22 1pm EST. Just add #smchat to your tweets, and we suggest a Twitter streaming app like TweetDeck.

The rest, as they say, is up to you. I hope you’ll join us.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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