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In January we launched the #contentseries segment on tools. I’ve been posting some background perspectives to over on Medium, including the latest one in support of today’s post on top Note-Capture Tools.

The short of it is this: what’s the best way to keep track of our ideas?

There are literally dozens of applications for this out there, many designed to work well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Which are the best? The 3 I hear most about are Apple Notes, Microsoft OneNote, and Evernote. Given the rate of idea exchange and the speed of thought, finding an app to track our best ideas could prove valuable.

Let’s tackle Note capture tools along 4 dimensions:

  • Q1. Scalability. What edge does Evernote gain by providng cross-platform support?
  • Q2. Access. All are downloaded apps, so the top 3 notes tools share easy storage/access. Is a web-only tool (e.g., Google Docs) needed? Or is offline capture better?
  • Q3. User Experience (UX). Apples Notes provides the simplest experience. For taking notes, is this ideal? Why?
  • Q4. H/W Portability. Evernote has a very nice sync feature, skipping need for cloud storage solutions. Is this important?
  • Q5. What’s your favorite tool for Notes capture?

I hope you will join us WEDS 3/22 at 1pm EDT as we discuss these products, as we continue to build our perspective on content tools.

Also, track our progress on Tools of the Modern Writer series over on Medium.

Join our #smchat #contentseries discussion each 4th WEDS, using hashtag #smchat at the appointed hour. We recommend a tweet streaming tool like TweetDeck. It’s always a lively conversation. Hope to see you there !!

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