Is AI intelligent enough for business?

Posted on March 30, 2017 by


An MIT Review article paints a sobering perspective on the current state of AI development as it pertains to business use.

shutterstock_106500488While the Google’s and Microsoft’s of Silicon Valley bask in an accelerated pace of tech development, life “outside its force field enclosed” boundaries is quite another story.

One of the top researchers at Microsoft goes as far as to say that “the technology would need to be laboriously customized to each new business” and alludes to how AI is really not that mature yet for practical mass consumption.

In this hour of #TRENDS lets discuss the misconceptions surrounding this technology and see if we can offer up some provoking ideas on how AI may eventually play out .. in our lifetime (?)

This week, our segment is privileged to have @Gigi_Peterkin moderate in @autom8‘s stead. Please give a warm welcome to Gigi as your chat moderator and feel free to be your usual spark-inspired selves when sharing your thoughts on this most intriguing, disruptive force in tech!

Q1 What types of business application(s) would make sense to be AI-enhanced and why?

Q2 Is there any harm in exaggerating claims that “AI is revolutionizing business” or anything else for that matter?

Q3 Who should own and take the lead on AI-enabled initiatives within the enterpise?

Q4 Do you think AI (and robotics) pose any risks or threats to business?