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We’re a couple months into the Content Tools series, and we’ve come to solutions to advance social networking. My background frame on Medium introduces 6 tools that can help us:

  • Twitter, Medium, Facebook, Linked-in, Basecamp and Slack
  • note (before you ask): I’m saving Instagram and WordPress for future comparisons

and then reviews how they stack up along 4 key social network dimensions:

  • scale/access, UX, managing stakeholders, and signal/noise.

There are other factors and other tools, but this review needed some reasonable boundaries, else we’d be boiling the ocean. On top of that, when you’re working on your social network, there’s a need to avoid proliferation, to create a little sanity, aka focus.

In our #smchat #contentseries chat for WEDS APR 26, 2017, let’s take a look at the key takeaways we might derive from this review. Here’s our outline:

  • Q1. Hard to out scale Twitter on it’s open platform. What are pro’s/con’s of a large network for sharing? learning? Can Facebook play w/ a closed network?
  • Q2. UX prize goes to Slack. Lots of features to manage topics & flow.
  • Q3. Slack/Basecamp outflank Twitter on Stakeholder Management. Could Twitter do more? FB likely has too much control.
  • Q4. Solving ‘Signal vs. Noise’ may be Medium’s target space. Twitter w/ hashtags can function, with some work.

Agree, or disagree. That’s the magic of conversation and social learning, and it’s what we do at #smchat. I hope you’ll stop in.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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