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Digital Explosion in Blue, #2.

Getting Noticed: Images matter now, more than ever.

With limited reader attention and an explosion of competing material, visual impact of new content matters now, more than ever. Content developers and marketers alike need to master finding and using the best images.

I did a little digging, and posted about Image Tools over on Medium for today’s background frame. Let’s expand on these points, for the 4th entry of our #smchat #contentseries on tools.

Here are the Q’s for today’s chat, WEDS 5/24, 1pm ET, to frame the conversation.

  • Q1. Where can we find free images? Have you looked at Unsplash,, or Pixabay? What are your experiences?
  • Q2. Exploring the Stock alternative. If you pay $1-$5 an image over at iStock,, or ShutterStock, what do you gain?
  • Q3. It’s all about sharing, right? Will photographers share? Sites like Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest let you network to those who may. Any luck here?
  • Q4. Ubiquitous editing. Hard not to find good editing software. What do you use?
  • Q5. Image storage. Quick access to edited images is huge. Does Dropbox win the battle of fast and easy?

Hope you’ve been enjoying our Tools Series. On the home stretch, we’ll cover the blogging dynamic – a WordPress vs. Medium faceoff – in June, and will wrap-up comparing high-end editors like Scrivener, Ulysses and Word in July. I look forward to both conversations.

From there, the #contentseries can take all sorts of turns. Where we go then is up to you.

It’s always a lively conversation. I hope you’ll join us.

Our #smchat #contentseries happens every 4th WEDS at 1pm ET. Just put the hashtag #smchat in your tweets, and join us. We recommend a streaming app like TweetDeck, so you can follow the conversation. 

And btw, #smchat turns 8 this month. Stay tuned for the annual bash.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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