#smchat is 8 .. so it’s time for some cheer .. and our annual social media check-in

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Our #smchat community turned 8 years old last week. It’s a perfect time to spread a little Twitter Chat cheer. Let’s compare notes on the path behind us and the path ahead.

  • Q1. On #socialmedia investments. Is your overall time expanding, contracting, or flat? What are the drivers?
  • Q2. On #socialmedia change. How have your interactions on social changed in the past 18 months? What are your primary platforms?
  • Q3. On twitter chats. What dynamics are most influencing the success of chats?
  • Q4. What’s next? What happens next on #socialmedia !?

Join us for a little insightful Q&A. It’s always a lively conversation. Thanks as always for your time and energy these past 8 years, as we enter our 9th year with gusto. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Chris (aka @sourcepov)

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