Face Off: WordPress vs. Medium (next on the #smchat #contentseries)

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WordPress offers a multitude of looks, to customize your story. Is it enough to compete with a newer online publishing site like Medium?

With Medium offering writers an alternative place to post their work, some wonder about the future of blog sites like WordPress. I just posted on Medium about this. It’s our #smchat #contentseries background frame for WEDS 6/28 at 1pm ET.

Read the detailed analysis here: Face Off: WordPress vs. Medium

Content developers may have a bias for WordPress, with its rich set of widgets and themes. Medium offers a more minimalist experience (to use the WordPress term), but a certain elegance that lets writers focus on their writing.

Is there a middle ground? In my experience, not much. But there are many options on how to proceed. Much comes down to how you want to use your content. Also key: whether you have the time and gumption to shape your online presence, aka your brand.

Let’s discuss the key factors that influence choices.

  • Q1. Branding. WordPress wins the branding battle hands down, letting you telling your story in your own way. Can Medium make inroads?
  • Q2. UX. It’s a question of control: WP gives it to you, Medium holds it back. Is this one a toss up?
  • Q3. Features. WP is tops hands down, again, with widgets and themes. Medium may be best as a scratchpad. Agree?
  • Q4. Futures. WP is 15 years in, Medium an upstart at 5. Where does the most opportunity lie?
  • Q5. Effort. Medium wins on sheer simplicity. Does WP offer a fast track?
  • Q6. Community. Connections can form anywhere. Does Medium offer a larger base to build from quickly?

Fun fact? You’re on WordPress. now. Your #smchat moderators have been using WordPress as our framing site since 2011.

I hope you’ll join us for the #smchat #contentseries, this and every 4th WEDS at 1pm ET. Our conversation is always lively, with a chance to learn what’s happening in the content space, across the social web.

Hope to see you there.

Chris (aka @sourcepov) Charlotte NC

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