Apple imagines possible AR glasses

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The Google Glass flopped harder than the company expected and Snap's  Spectacles didn't see, to garner much interest, especially from those that I use Snap chat often. It makes me wonder if people actually want technology on their face for daily use. Using temporary VR sets are pretty cool especially with entering a world for about 10 minutes. 

In a recent The Verge article  it was stated that Apple CEO Tim Cook mat have hinted that the company is working on augmented reality glasses. The concept would consist  of a device being able to overly  information on the real world. 

Apple described it's abilities in relation to a phone:

"You’d hold it in front of you, the camera would capture the world, and the screen would overlay the context… It could also be applied to a “semi-transparent spectacle or glasses.” In that case, your eyes would see the world, and the glasses would overlay digital information on top of what you’re seeing."

This sounds amazing even though odds are this is a few years away from being a finished product. The mocks ups were found from an Apple patent application, the mocks look interesting and has the potential to do what the Glass was envisioned to be.

If this was supposed to hit the markets would you but it?

I'd personally need to to see more and what the actual product would look like. And the cost of course because the Google Daydream is less than $100 and works like a charm. But then again that's a VR device and Apple could make their AR glasses look more practical like the Glass.

Q1. Have you used the Snap Spectacles or other facial tech wearables?

Q2. Besides Pokémon Go have you heard of or used an AR app?

Q3. How do you see AR benefiting your life? Do you see yourself using it more?

Q4. With companies testing AR/VR technology do you see one standing out more in the future?

Q5. Would you consider buying Apple AR glasses?

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