Customer Service and AI – Across Generations

Posted on August 16, 2017 by


artificial-intelligence-2228610_960_720A recent post, “The Future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Customer Service,” partially serves as the inspiration for the August 16th #SMChat. The other part stems from a consideration of how the various generations in my family prefer to receive service. My grandmother, who is celebrating her 80th birthday today, (Happy Birthday Grandma! She will likely never see this post, but I couldn’t resist.) prefers to receive customer service in-person. My parents seek customer service in-person and via phone. I prefer online self-service options, followed by chats, but will go in-person or use the phone if I have no other option. Additionally, we all have different priorities regarding the service we receive – for me speed/efficiency is the key, while prior generations are more “patient” when receiving service. As I consider the impact of AI in regards to customer service, I the best approach will be to leverage AI to yield better results for service providers and customers alike, across generations.

#SMChat on August 16th will focus on questions surrounding customer segmentation, expectations, and AI. We hope that you will join us at 1p.m. ET to discuss the questions below.

What is your organization’s customer base demographically?

What key factors are considered when segmenting customers?

What key differences are there regarding expectations of service from the various segments?

How do customer segments receive service? What channels are used?

What role does AI serve in providing customer service for your organization currently?

How can AI be used to enhance customer service/experience for each customer segment?