Can Medium eclipse it’s larger cousins? #contentseries 8.23 1pET

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Can Medium eclipse it’s rivals? Image from the 8.21.17 solar eclipse (c) 2017 Amberwood Media

With the forces of the recent solar eclipse top of mind, I’ve been thinking about scale in social media, and the relative upstart, Medium:

Can Medium gain enough critical mass to have impact on a global scale?

CEO and Founder Ev Williams wants to redefine web-based publishing. That’s a bold aspiration. Consider Facebook at 2-billion users, Instagram at 700-million, Twitter at 300-million, and Pinterest at 180-million.

That’s lots of eyes in other places.

But Medium, currently with 60-million visitors per month, may not need to be a giant in the social solar system to succeed. It’s plan may be less about scale, than opportunity – the place were thinking and publishing are re-born.

My background frame, posted on Medium, outlines Medium’s competitive edge.

In our #smchat #contentseries on 8.23, let’s unpack the key topics in that post. What’s ahead for writers and content developers using social media? Part of that answer may be understanding Medium’s unique, emerging value proposition:

  • Q1. Fake news thrives on Twitter. Is Medium a viable alternative?
  • Q2. Medium is more work than Twitter. Can it inspire critical thinking?
  • Q3. What’s in a price point? Most social apps are free; does this impact our sense of value?
  • Q4. Monetization is the bane for social apps. Medium’s paywall launched Mar’17. Will it pay off?

Medium may never be the size of Twitter or Facebook, but that’s ok. Change is needed in both journalism and web publishing, exactly where Medium’s CEO hopes to change the rules.

We’ll stay focused on Medium for awhile at #smchat #contentseries, every 4th WEDS at 1pm ET.

Much here to explore. Hope you’ll join us.

Chris aka @sourcepov – Charlotte, NC


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