Houston: What’s Happening, and What We Can Do #smchat

Posted on August 30, 2017 by



Houston under water (c) 2017 Mother Jones

News of catastrophic flooding in Houston and surrounding areas continues to come in. Let’s allocate our #smchat time 8/30/17 1pm ET to help expand awareness of the unfolding situation. We’ll focus on what’s happening, what’s being done, and how we can help.

  • Q1. What are the best sources for information to monitor?
  • Q2. How severe is the infrastructure damage, and what lies ahead in the coming weeks?
  • Q3. What resources have been deployed, and what are the support channels (e.g., FEMA, National Guard)?
  • Q4. What can we do to help (eg., Red Cross)?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone facing loss in Texas. There are many tweets under hashtag #houstonflood, and it looks like RT’s are helping to get the word out.

People are capable of amazing things in a crisis. This one is no exception.

Chris (aka @sourcepov) Charlotte