Biometrics 101

Posted on September 4, 2017 by


smile_to_pay1You can now pay for your KFC order with a smile. But the thing is, would you really want to?

A KFC location in Hangzhou, China is testing a payment system using facial recognition through a combination of 3D camera scans and a mobile phone number entry as secondary authorization to mitigate fraud.

As biometric technology advances, there are multiple opportunities not only for research but also applications of diverse modes (i.e, fingerprinting, iris scans etc.) for identification, authorization and security processes.

In the sleepy-eyed spirit of “back-to-shool” felt in sudden gusts of cool wind and swirling, firey coloured leaves, let’s ponder and discuss biometrics and the role it plays in our already digitally saturated lives.

While “Biometrics 101” may seem like a homeroom subject, our chat won’t necessarily delve into examining the tech itself but will definitely explore all other aspects surrounding its development and use:

Q1 What are the type(s) of biometrics you are immediately aware of?

Q2 Under what circumstances would biometric technology serve a truly useful purpose?

Q3 How do you instinctually feel about facial recognition technology?

Q4 What challenges does the field of biometrics need to overcome?