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Book Marketing. Does social media provide a unique “word of mouth” capability for authors? (c) 2017 Amberwood Media

Have you thought about what it takes to market a book? It’s actually a sweet spot for social media. The potential for word of mouth (WOM) is considerable.

In this week’s #marketing #smchat, let’s examine the important things to think about when there’s a book in your future. I’ll be standing in for our regular ‘week 2’ moderator, Sharon, though she may try to stop in if she’s able. But please join me in welcoming special guest Rachel Thomspon of Bad Red Head Media, herself an author, but also a thought leader in the book marketing space.

Here are the questions for our WEDS 9/13 1pm ET chat:

  • Q1. What timing is most valuable to market your book? Before, during launch, after?  
  • Q2. What role does #socialmedia play in #bookmarketing ?
  • Q3. Do agents and publishers still play key roles? How so?
  • Q4. Can authors be good marketers? What factors suggest a need to outsource?

Hope you will join us. Just add #smchat to your tweets. We recommend a streaming app like TweetDeck.

Want to learn more? Join Rachel for #bookmarketingchat every WEDS 9pmET.

Chris Jones aka @sourcepov; chat host & author  The DNA of Collaboration (2012)

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