Getting Started on Pinterest. It’s #smchat #contentseries 9/27 1pET

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Will your next idea come from Pinterest? (C) 2017 Amberwood Media

Nothing sparks the interest of a creative person like a new idea, especially if there’s a visual connection. A strong image, a visual metaphor if you will, can be a powerful catalyst, a great source of inspiration.

We see an image. It sparks a new thought. If we’re paying attention, great things happen.

It’s true inception, in practical terms.

So imagine a social media site where visual ideas are freely published and shared, where creatives and creative consumers collaborate on projects, or concepts, or just ideas in their raw, most inspirational form. What would be possible?

That social site it Pinterest, and it has over 200 million active daily users. That puts it on the social media leader board. Tha’s well behind Facebook of course, but not far behind Twitter. As we explore tools and techniques of the creative at #smchat #contentseries, let’s explore how to get started with Pinterest, with focus on tapping the magic:

  • Q1. Secret Sauce. What is the magic ingredient of Pinterest’s success?
  • Q2. Who’s on Pinterest? Target markets are key. Does it attract Designers? Photographers? Retailers? Consumers?
  • Q3. Learning Boards and Pins. How do Boards and Pins work?
  • Q4. Personal vs. Business. Is Pinterest best started as a personal account, or a business?
  • Q5. Networking Strategy. Is finding like minded people/creatives the best path?
  • Q6. What’s in Store? Will boards-within-boards spark new interest in Pinterest?

Hope you’ll join us this coming WEDS 9/27 at 1pm EDT. We suggest using a streaming app like TweetDeck. Just put #smchat (and optionally #contentseries) in your tweets, and we’ll go from there. Looking forward!

Chris Jones (aka @sourcepov) Charlotte

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