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Twitter Chats are everywhere. Which will prosper? Which will you choose? (c) 2012 @AmberwoodMedia

Don’t look now, but there are Twitter Chat’s behind every tree these days. You can tell when you see someone talking to no one in particular, but it’s a deep insight, punctuated by an intriguing hashtag at the end.

A passing fad?  No.  Not anymore.

For close to 10 years now it’s been happening.  On Twitter, you’ll find enterprising, curious and endlessly engaging people come together as if by magic to compare notes. The catalyst might be professional interest, encounters with of friends of friends, or just a hail mary to stave off boredom.  But I’ve been at this long enough now to know there’s some magic in all those connections, and more than a little value in the takeaways.  I’ve made many friends, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount. In the credits of my book are over 100 people who’ve contributed ideas via Twitter.

So where is this all going?

Let’s discuss it, this WEDS, JAN 10, 1 pm ET, as #smchat conducts our annual ‘state of the state’ social media review.  In this session, we’re focusing on the future of Twitter Chats, with this discussion outline:

  • Q1. Dealing w/ Chat Saturation. How many chats dare we try to attend? Can we max out? Do you have an Expectation? Budget? Plan? Average?
  • Q2. Birds of a Feather, aka Specialization. Chats seem to be more and more specialized, some even commercial or brand-centric. Is this okay? What draws you to a chat?
  • Q3. Chat Timing is Everything. Global conversation can be daunting. How do you accommodate time zone conflicts? Is there an async (i.e., non-real time) way to keep a good convo going?
  • Q4. Be My Guest. No, really. What happens when guest speakers stop in?
  • Q5. Native Chat Support. A pipe dream? Or will Twitter someday add features to support/augment the Chat experience? What features would help most?
  • Q6.  Serendipity Strikes, like Lightning. But can we keep Chat spontaneous? Or is planning a chat an oxymoron?

Stop in, and share your thinking.  It’s always lively.  I hope you’ll join us.

Chris Jones (@sourcepov) – Charlotte NC

About #smchat – our Twitter Chat community has been talking socialmedia strategy weekly since our inception in 2009. We’re moving to a monthly format starting with 2018. Let us know if you’d like to get involved; you can even opt in for a reminder tweet each month, by sending us a tweet or dm.  Your primary moderators, besides me, are Sharon Mostyn, Autom Tagsa, and Amber Cleveland. But there are many, many more of us who help take the dialog to interesting places. We know you have your choice in Twitter Chats; thanks for being a part of ours. It’s why we like to say: #staytuned #staysocial

About your moderator, Chris Jones aka @sourcepov – I’m a consultant, writer and explorer of edges, based in Charlotte. Founder of 3 chats, author of a book, and apt to engage on a variety of topics, you’ll find me not only on Twitter, but also on Instagram, Medium, Pinterest, and elsewhere on WordPress. Let’s connect. 

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