Half-Life of Content: Making the Best Morsels Last. W4/11 1pmET

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The Half-life of Content: The good stuff is gone too soon. How can we make the best morsels last a little longer?

One of the biggest challenges managing content these days is keeping it around. Good ideas take many forms – whether a Tweet, an IG Post, a Pinterest Pin or a  Medium Story – but no sooner have we created (or stumbled onto) that next morsel of brilliance, it’s gone.

We are victims of the endless stream of content .. our own, and everybody else’s too.

How do we fight back?

Turns out we have some opportunities. Each step takes thought and effort, and the steps depend to a degree on where your target content is posted. So let’s unpack this. For our WEDS 4/11 #smchat #contentseries session, let’s discuss the perilously short half-life of content, and what we can do about it.

  • Q1. What is your content “Home Base”? Using your blog or other primary/branded website may be ideal for a good aggregation strategy, keeping top content easy to access and top of mind, for yourself and others. Your SEO depends on it. Consider aggregation pages. WordPress has a nice Category Archive that’s intuitive and easy to use.
  • Q2. Do you use Link Managers, like bit.ly? These can be branded, for added intuitiveness and longevity, making reuse easier.
  • Q3. Do you pay attention to Hashtags? How are you using them? tracking them? On which platforms do they matter most?
  • Q4. Why are Keywords key? What are you talking about? Do you have a short list? These are central to any SEO strategy.
  • Q5. Why are Stakeholders key? Who is talking about what you’re talking about? How do you track them?
  • Q6. What are the rules for Repurposing and Reuse? When should you send those best ideas back into the stream? Is there a statute of limitations for recirculating your best work? (more to come on this topic, in future #contentseries chats)

As you probably know by now, #smchat now meets monthly, every 2nd WEDS. We still convene at 1pm ET as we have for almost 9 years. But the monthly format let’s us focus more, and dive a little deeper into the social media topics that matter. It also gives us more structure for planning, and scheduling guests.

Watch the stream and this site for new planning info, so you’ll see what’s coming.

Also look for our new CALENDAR page, to keep up with topics. Always innovating. That’s how we stay in business.

Talking about social media always makes for a lively conversation. I hope you’ll join us.

Chris Jones aka @sourcepov, Charlotte NC.

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