Summertime Marketing

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Happy Summer! Although if you’re in the Northeast, it doesn’t quite feel like Summer yet, just wet/cold/rainy Spring Part II. With that said, the year is flying by so let’s talk about the “hot topics” in marketing this summer. Here are several marketing topics that people are talking about:

  1. GDPR. The deadline has come and gone, so what’s next? Companies like Aprimo suggest that increased personal privacy awareness will make marketing harder. Do you agree?
  2. Facebook’s “Leave Feedback” tool will share feedback directly with businesses that receive high volumes of negative feedback and give them a chance to improve, but if feedback does not improve over time, Facebook will reduce the amount of ads even to the point of banning the advertiser. Given the potential for abuse, is it Facebook’s place to be judge and jury?
  3. Twitter rolls out in-stream video ads with the announcement that users who saw a Twitter video ad saw a 50% increase in brand awareness. Is video part of your marketing strategy?
  4. A new study released by IAB says that US podcast revenues grew 86% to $314M in 2017, but ad measurement and transparency are a challenge. Which is the bigger hurdle?
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword in SEO, with anticipated performance improvements in insights, automation, and personalization. Will AI take marketers’ jobs or make us more effective?
  6. A recent Google study reported that 39% of marketers say improved understanding and reaching the right customers is most important for achieving marketing goals in the next 3 years. Does that seem low?

Please join us Wednesday, June 13, 2018, at 1PM ET – we look forward to your insights! Have more questions you want answered, insights that will take more than 280 characters, or won’t be able to make the chat but want your voice heard? Please leave a comment below!

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