PR: It’s Like a Day at the Beach!

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PR: It's Like a Day at the Beach!This month we’re having a combo chat with #SMChat and #SoloPR. We would love your feedback and insights as well. Please join us and be sure to tag your Tweets with both hashtags!

#SoloPR Twitter chat host Karen Swim and I discussed how happy we were that summer is finally here! As we talked about summer and marketing, it occured to us that public relations, or PR, is a lot like a day at the beach. How are they similar, you ask?

  1. Always Use Sunscreen: How do you avoid getting burned by bad contracts, scope creep, etc.?
  2. Know Your SPF: What PR metrics do you measure and why?
  3. Swimming With Sharks: Is there a good way to deal with sticky situations and toxic people both internal and external?
  4. Designing A Sandcastle: What are the building blocks needed to develop a solid public relations strategy?
  5. If/When It Rains: How are you preparing for crisis management?
  6. Ready To Play: What PR teamwork challenges should be addressed? Do virtual teams change your needs?
Please join us Wednesday, July 11, 2018, at 1PM ET – we look forward to your insights! Have more questions you want answered, insights that will take more than 280 characters, or won’t be able to make the chat but want your voice heard? Please leave a comment below!
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