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Are You Ready? Social Selling requires both planning and preparation.

Got the urge to summit a seemly unclimbable mountain? No worries. You can find used hiking gear on the internet.

But thanks to the web’s avalanche of branded information, content marketers have to work harder. It’s too easy to find your carefully-crafted messaging getting lost in the onslaught of competitive content. Like an avalanche, it just keeps coming, and quickly, your target audience is getting buried.

How can you use the power of social media to differentiate your content, message and brand?

The quest begins with a smart strategy, a well-thought out plan that help you find and stay connected to your target audience, on the channels that are most important to them (not you).

As we continue the 2018 expansion of our #smchat #contentseries, we’re happy to welcome our special guest, Amy Higgins. She’s the Director of Content Marketing at Sojern, a global travel data company. Amy is no stranger to the many nuances of social media strategy, including how to get your entire company, especially the sales team, using social to help close leads. As an ardent hiker, she knows the importance of preparing for a difficult journey.

Let’s unpack the nuances among the traditional elements of a social content strategy, using this outline, for our Wednesday 8/8 chat, at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT:

  • Q1. Marketing Focus.  Is driving brand awareness enough?
  • Q2. Sales Focus. Why do sales need to be social?
  • Q3. Team Effort / Critical Mass. Can we map a path for the whole company to be social, to create/sustain momentum?
  • Q4. Thought Leadership. How can this under-used approach score major wins for the company/brand?
  • Q5. Tools and Formats. Are you keeping up with increased sophistication of the tools market? What trends are game-changing?

Please join us for a lively and enlightening chat.

We’ll have a good exchange, and chances are we’ll leave better prepared for what lies ahead in social spaces.

See you online!

Chris aka @sourcepov Charlotte NC

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