Breaking down the 5G hype

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“AT&T is expected to roll out 5G in a dozen American cities. And in five years, 5G will account for 50 percent of U.S. connections while consumers forego home internet for the newer technology.”

Is it hype? And what exactly IS 5G?

I mean I get that LTE (4G) is the latest, fastest network, so 5G would  just be fastER, right?

Not entirely.  It’s a brand new radio technology, sure. But don’t think, “Oo quicker speeds for consumers!”—not just yet. 5G will likely first be used by network operators to boost capacity on the existing LTE networks (makes sense). And the consumer speed you get will depend on two things: (a) the spectrum band your local provider runs the 5G tech on, and (b) how much your carrier has invested in new broadcasting hardware. So I’ll spare you the tech-talk.

Now that we generally know it will have an impact on the consumer market, how can we strategically prepare and leverage?

A Venturebeat post boils down three (3) main takeaways for 5G enabled mobile from the recent MWC Barcelona event. They involve IoT/voice enhancements, new mobile ad formats and foldable phones (autocorrect still underlines foldable but probably not for long).

So without further ado,  let’s have a look at what thoughts we may want to bring forward as we anticipate the dawn of the 5G network:

Q1 IoT-enabled systems and voice recognition tech could really create enriched user experiences (U/X) (driving/gesturing, talking to smart speakers ). What other mobile or hands-free U/X could 5G enhance?

Q2 With accelerating advancements in consumer-related tech, what are the implications (if any) to data privacy?

Q3 The 5G leap will apparently usher in download times for a 30-minute video in seconds rather than hours. How successful would longform video tactics be in the new network?

Q4 In your opinion, what is the main value proposition for mobile phones that can fold?

Q5 While the pace of tech is unsurprising, its disruptive forces cannot be ignored. What advice would you give to orgs who struggle to keep up?

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