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Facebook launches AI capabilities on Messenger

April 10, 2017


With Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant slowly progressing in to our lives it was bound that Facebook will add the same to Messenger.  M was intended to make Messenger more of an organization tool. In a recent Social Media Today article, it was stated that Facebook refined M in to a new assistant […]

Messaging apps continue to evolve

February 25, 2017


When Facebook first announced that users had to add the Messenger app in order for them to message each other, many users didn’t like that idea. But as the Facebook partnered with companies such as Giphy and Uber it slowly became clear where messenging apps were heading: a one stop shop similar to China’s WeChat. […]

Can Facebook successfully enter the recruiting market?

December 5, 2016


A TechCrunch (TC) post was published last month indicated that Facebook may join in on LinkedIn’s recruiting business, allowing business Pages to promote job listings. A new Facebook option in the status update composer allows Pages to formally share a job opening with related details like job title, salary or if it’s full-time versus part-time. TechCrunch found […]