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Life with autonomous tech

October 28, 2016


.. but experts Reuters talked to are more skeptical of its [Uber’s] move into freight What about you? Do you think Uber-owned Otto has what it takes to offer freight hauling services with autonomous trucks? A recent TechCrunch post offers an intriguing view into how autonomous tech is being incrementally embedded into an industry area like transport. Surely […]

Phone-as-a-Service: mobile’s final frontier?

October 3, 2016


A colleague pinged me on a brow-raising post by Guardian on the what appears to be ‘silent war’ among manufacturers and smartphone players. Over what? Well, ultimately, YOUR attention. Nothing new to us, right? But what the article highlights as the proposed state of smartphone innovation reaching a final stagnation point is an intriguing area of discussion. Also, […]

Can beacons truly transform the Enterprise?

September 6, 2016


A recent Techcrunch (TC) post surfaced five key ways in which Bluetooth beacons are supposedly poised to “transform the enterprise.” It turns out that as a culture, we’re tired of being marketed to. We’re sick of ads, and we’re creeped out by businesses stalking our movements. Now we’ve heard this type of hyped headliner before […]

Virtual Reality: If GQ can ask it, why shouldn’t we?

May 31, 2016


So ya. The VR (virtual reality) bandwagon is rolling along steadily, capturing the attention of eyes with a host of strap-on-your-face viewing devices that, at first glance, make you look like deer caught in the headlights. Charming, right? Well, I know you’ve just been itching to talk about this topic because GQ gave me a sign. Now, I know, […]

Nurturing trust in an #IoT world

May 3, 2016


♫ Cuz we are living .. in a digital world, and I am just a digital girl .. ♫ Aaanyway, it kinda works .. LOL A recent Forbes post squarely hypes up the digitization wave steadily transforming our daily lives, more specifically in retail: the Internet of Things (#IoT) is set to invade your clothes!! And neither Madonna nor […]

Musings on AI

March 31, 2016


Indeed, the possibilities and probabilities seem limitless. But what does the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) really mean for the everyday human? AI’s growing presence and staggering implications have been building momentum for a while now. In fact, one would not immediately realize this, but AI has been evolving since the 1950’s (see timeline infographic below – courtesy […]

Autonomous vehicles: sci-fact on track?

March 1, 2016


Google’s cars have driven more than 1.3 million miles since 2009. They can recognize hand signals from traffic officers and “think” at speeds no human can match. What a statement. Eh? Certainly, this opener serves as fertile ground for some meaty chatter around the steady rise of autonomous vehicles. But before I proceed further, #SMCHAT is pleased to […]

Transforming supply chain management with mobile

February 1, 2016


Here’s something you don’t come across everyday: mobile technology at the heart of transforming the supply chain management landscape. A recent webinar proposed to discuss the power behind this intriguing possibility. If you look past the product placement angle, the brief offers some pretty compelling scenarios where the traditional desktop-based cycle of interacting with third-party contractors […]

2016 Mobile Trends: Sure, but what’s YOUR take?

January 4, 2016


So yep: trends and predictions. And boy, some just go overboard and list 15 to 25 things to watch for. Like really?? Luckily, SlashGear manages to filter through the noise and came up with five, which makes things much more digestible for us to chat about. Our #smchat leader, Chris Jones (aka @sourcePOV), has kindly offered to help moderate this […]

Can mobile apps help you land a job?

November 30, 2015


Really? #IKR ..  No, like REALLY?? “The job search is now squarely the business of mobile technology,” notes one recent TechCrunch post. In terms of reach, depth and just pure common sense, how realistic is this statement? If you know me at all, you’d  know that I’m not one to quickly eat up something so […]