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Mobile’s handiwork on travel

November 2, 2015


Mobile tech is quickly transforming the travel industry. And while this may not be all that surpising, a recent Reuters article notes that about $96 billion (approx 12.5%) of global online travel sales were made via mobile devices last year according to a report by Euromonitor International With this much mobile-based activity and consumer data, and […]

Mobile’s reach and engagement dichotomy

October 5, 2015


Marketingland surfaces some telling signs that users tend to prefer mobile browsers over mobile apps, with mobile browser audiences being twice larger than app audiences and apparently growing faster. comScore also just released a report citing “consumers spend the majority of their mobile time with a very few heavily used apps.” Also, Marketingland appears to have been […]

The sustainable mobile community

September 1, 2015


A recent post on some insightful tips on how to make your content mobile friendly got me thinking beyond what instantly catches a mobile audience’s attention to what in fact *captivates* them over the long-term. In particular, the approach of employing responsive storytelling resonated with me. How intricate and mindful are we at engaging with our audience on mobile? […]

Mobile engagement and the ‘craft of hacking attention’

July 1, 2015


A recent Forbes post on why innovation took centre stage at Cannes 2015, touched on some provoking points as to why the mobile age is not only an unpredictable moving target but also one that moves at lightning speed. Referencing Bill Wasik’s work, the writer surfaces the approach of creating “a new genre of content and means to […]

Mobile retail 2.0—is it finally here?

May 4, 2015


The advent of the Apple smart watch is significant. But despite the predictable Apple hype cycle; to honest, I had my own initial doubts about a smart watch: apart from health tracking, time-telling, let alone that not everyone wears (or prefers to wear) a watch, how much of a game changer will this be to our mobile modes […]

Humanizing brands for mobile

March 2, 2015


A recent Forbes article cites a dominant marketing trend in mobile that will see “brands scrambling to humanize”. Now, I have to ask: is that a fair statement? Are marketers today really so dense that they haven’t once accounted for the fundamentally human aspect of social media and how it makes or breaks their strategies? […]

You are what you mobile

January 6, 2015


Another year, another marketing angle. But is that really all there is? Will we forever remain unquestioning of a cyclical pace of style-setting, trend-sniffing, hype-whipping, and tireless reinvention to captivate attention? As we forge ahead, I would like to propose a “steady as she goes” pace instead of a helmetless “full speed ahead” (blindly charging, Superman cape et […]

Wherefore art thou anonymous?

October 31, 2014


TODAY’S Chat Transcript The concept of online virtual identities is as integral to the Internet as the very protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) that underpins its communications infrastructure. And even if you’ve been living under a rock the past 20 years and wake up to this current brave new mobile world, I’m pretty sure you won’t even bat an eye once you start getting […]

Mobile campaigns under a lens

September 29, 2014


Having recently read a brilliant post on the Anatomy of a Successful In-App Messaging Campaign by @BrynAdler, I could not help but be inspired to further push the envelope in our ongoing dialogue surrounding mobility. Bryn’s post is refreshingly informative, citing technical references to various steps involved in planning, carrying out and essentially carving out a standard for tangibly successful mobile campaigns. Yes, ‘tangible’. Something we can definitely […]

So you need a mobile app. Now what?

August 4, 2014


Whether you’re enterprise, SMB or independent, the time will come when you will eventually ‘need an app for that‘. And we all know what that would be right? That is your organization’s ubiquitous calling card, the ultimate virtual spokesperson for what your brand stands for AND most importantly, what it can do for your customers, how it can be of […]