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How Can Nonverbal Communications Spur Change?

July 25, 2012


The jury is still out on just how much of communication is actually nonverbal. Some maintain the 93% stat that’s been around for decades, while others feel it creeps closer to 70%. Reality is, the exact number is irrelevant. The critical thing to know is that most communication is nonverbal. And while folks may not […]

Social Movements: Elements of Change

June 27, 2012


Charles Tilly, esteemed sociologist, political scientist, and historian, is probably best known for penning scores of articles and lecturing on the relationship between politics and society, or social movements. Now, it’s true that not all social change requires a political change, but a fair amount does and given the political fervor in our world today, […]

Brand v Cause

May 23, 2012


As we entered 2012, we talked about our combined desire to see this series focus on how we as a wider community can spur greater social change. During that chat, we touched several times on a topic that deserves focus all its own: the idea of Brand vs Cause. Specifically, we wanted to know which […]

Social Change: Building A Movement

March 28, 2012


No less than four times over the past two weeks, I was asked, “How do you build a movement? How do you make it “stick”? I absolutely LOVE this question because it means whoever is asking wants to see some real, lasting change. What I loved best was that only once was it posed by […]

The Shift to Social Change

February 22, 2012


For a good while now, this series has focused on how non-profits can best use social media to realize their missions. And while we’ve had a great run and good fun doing charity makeovers and exploring how .org’s can take advantage of the latest tools, we wanted to change things up a bit and broaden […]

What’s In A Signature? The Power of Petitions

January 25, 2012


With Featured Guest: Care2’s Sue Anne Reed Greetings, changemakers! The social change #smchat series is back in full swing this week and we’re making up for lost time by tackling a doozy: the power of petitions. No doubt a quick show of hands will reveal that nearly every one of us has opened our inboxes […]

Google Plus for Nonprofits

November 30, 2011


Last week, I was asked by four different people working in the nonprofit space if it made sense to fold Google Plus Pages into their marketing mix.  Of course, one of these people should (if he doesn’t already) have a G+ tattoo; another signed on months ago, then promptly forgot about it; the third is […]

Charity Makeover

October 26, 2011


Back by popular demand, it’s Charity Makeover time. This week, we’re going to pool together our collective genius and put all the wonderful tips, advice, best practices, and lessons learned into action and give one lucky nonprofit a social media facelift. Since 140c doesn’t allow for a lot of background, here’s a quick Q&A with […]