Are  you looking to build awareness, content, or insight in the social change space?  Bookmark this page. Maybe #smchat #socialchange can help.

This is the home page for #socialchange, a monthly chat series that’s part of the #smchat community. Every 4th Wednesday we’ll meet at 1pm ET using hashtags #smchat and #socialchange. We’ll discuss topics that explore and advance key social change themes, allowing the direction of the conversation to evolve a bit as new faces and new voices join us throughout the year. We’ll stay focused on one subject area for a quarter (3 months) at a time, to allow us to build on prior topics and create some critical mass.

So what’s here is a rough outline, an initial agenda for 2016:

  QTR1 1Q16 Healthcare

  QTR2 Politics

  • Presidential Politics & Social Media
  • Mobilizing the Base, with Mobile
  • Is #Socialmedia Too Social for Activists?

 QTR3 K12 Education

  • Evolution of the PLN
  • Social in the Classroom
  • Social Learning
  • Mobile Tech as Equalizer in Global Ed

 QTR4 Energy & Sustainable Environment

  • Renewables: How Solar & Wind may Shape the Future
  • How Far can Recycling Take us?
  • Water: In Search of Survival (Charity Water feature)
  • Getting Smart about Global Warming

  QTR5 Tools & Trends

  • Matching Volunteer Match
  • Counsellor Search & Match
  • Game Changers: How Tech is shaping Non-Profit Landscape

Want to know more, or provide input? Do you know a practitioner or organization in these spaces that may want to participate? Post your comments & ideas here, or dm your #socialchange content moderators Gigi Peterkin and Chris Jones. We’d love your feedback.


Gigi & Chris  January 2016

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