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unnamed December 5, 2016

A Writer’s Community: Finding Centers and Edges on the Road to Common Ground

November 30, 2016


The Road to Common Ground:  Must we follow the center line, or can we explore the edges too?

Most writer’s would acknowledge the importance of their words.  In today’s web-focused, media-rich  world, you can add pictures and videos to the list, and repackage it all as content.  But the issues of focus and priority remain: Our words and our content are how we engage in the 21st centrury; it’s how we deliver our […]

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Customer Service SWOT Analysis for Better Outcomes

November 16, 2016


Customer service is critical to organizational success. As the business environment continues to evolve rapidly, you have to be prepared to meet the needs/wants of your customer. If you aren’t thinking ahead, you are guaranteed to fall behind. One tool that can help provide insight into your business and where you can go is a […]

Let’s Talk Marketing Budgets – 2017 Edition

November 9, 2016


2017 Budget

This is going to be a tough chat, because everyone is either wiped out from staying up late to watch the presidential election results or too busy talking about the winners and losers to pay attention to chats. We talked about politics last month, so let’s talk about something else. No matter which candidate wins, […]

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Life with autonomous tech

October 28, 2016


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.. but experts Reuters talked to are more skeptical of its [Uber’s] move into freight What about you? Do you think Uber-owned Otto has what it takes to offer freight hauling services with autonomous trucks? A recent TechCrunch post offers an intriguing view into how autonomous tech is being incrementally embedded into an industry area like transport. Surely […]

Content Development (the series): Why Style and Consistency Matter

October 25, 2016



In our debut editions of the #smchat #contentseries, we’ve talked so far about telling our story and finding our voice. Each of these aspects of content delivery helps us refine our messaging. Both, in tandem, help us build the context of our brand, laying a foundation for more and more content to follow. But of course, […]

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Customer Experience Built on Service

October 19, 2016


Is your organization focused on building the best customer experience? The type of customer experience that will improve retention, allow you to “up sell,” and increase your net promoter score does not happen by chance. It is intentional. It is constructed from the beginning to the end with the customer in mind. The beginning of […]

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