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Social Media can drive subtle changes in our thinking and behavior. Is there a shift in how our social decisions are influenced? April 26, 2016

Social Media and Attribution

April 11, 2016


Social Media and Attribution

According to EyeforTravel, the average hotel search is 17 days / 18 sites / 8 sessions / 16 clicks, but does social media get credit in your Analytics program? Unless you’ve done some attribution model modifications, it’s not likely. Adweek’s post on social media selling says even in a mobile world, social commerce’s impact on […]

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Musings on AI

March 31, 2016



Indeed, the possibilities and probabilities seem limitless. But what does the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) really mean for the everyday human? AI’s growing presence and staggering implications have been building momentum for a while now. In fact, one would not immediately realize this, but AI has been evolving since the 1950’s (see timeline infographic below – courtesy […]

Fixing Twitter: What does the new Algorithm Mean for Twitter Chats?

March 29, 2016



What does the new Algorithm Mean for Twitter Chats? Discuss live w/ #smchat WEDS 3/30 1pmET

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Healthy Choices: Can Social Media fuel your Wellness Agenda?

March 22, 2016


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Last month at #smchat #socialchange [link] we delved into emerging space of #ehealth. It was about how online-based medical services might find their way into your healthcare. Does your wellness agenda stand a better chance? On the surface, it’s an obvious “yes”. Wellness is far more a discussion of ideas and tips and metrics and […]

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You Don’t Need Luck of the Irish When You Have Great Customer Service

March 16, 2016


With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I was thinking about how customer service can lead to that pot o’gold, otherwise known as increased revenue.  When considering how your organization can find the pot o’ gold, you shouldn’t be looking for a rainbow or a leprechaun, but rather to your own team and how […]

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Social Media Marketing Recommendations 2016

March 7, 2016


Ready to take notes on your social media recommendations!

Whether you’re new to social media strategies and tactics or an experienced social media marketing specialist, it’s always a good time to get feedback on the latest recommendations. The #SMChat crew always has some great ideas and I learn more during our Twitter chat interactions than I could ever expect. This week’s #SMChat let’s get […]

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