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influence September 10, 2016

Can beacons truly transform the Enterprise?

September 6, 2016



A recent Techcrunch (TC) post surfaced five key ways in which Bluetooth beacons are supposedly poised to “transform the enterprise.” It turns out that as a culture, we’re tired of being marketed to. We’re sick of ads, and we’re creeped out by businesses stalking our movements. Now we’ve heard this type of hyped headliner before […]

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What’s Your Story? Join the #smchat #content series pilot 8/31

August 30, 2016


Content: Getting Started

One takeaway from #smchat’s first ever Futures Survey – change can be a good thing. At #smchat, we know the story well. After all, our virtual chat community has been immersed in shifting currents (members, tools, ideas) from the outset. Digital chats like #smchat have no brick & mortar. Most of us have never met. Spaces that are […]

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A Little Help from our Friends – Customer Service Resources

August 10, 2016


Can’t we all us a little help from our friends? In business and in life, the answer should always be, “Yes!” Regardless of your career path, you will need to provide customer service to someone at some point – maybe it will be an internal customer or maybe it will be an external customer. Do […]

Social Media Influencers and Marketing

August 9, 2016


Build influence by being a leader

I’ll admit, I procrastinated this week’s framing post. It’s been a tough week and although the recent SMChat survey says that advance framing is important; family is even more important. So here we are, just over 12 hours before the chat is starting putting together a post about influencers and influencer marketing. Since nearly 60% […]

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The Future of (sm)Chat – the results are in; and the Survey Says?

August 1, 2016



Most hesitate when asked to complete a survey. I know I do. But over the last 6 weeks, 31 people in the #smchat community opted to take a few minutes to share their thoughts on what they see as longer-term success factors. The results of the first ever #smchat Futures Survey are in. Clearly it’s […]

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