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balloons6 May 24, 2016

Social Service is Continuing to Evolve

May 17, 2016


There was recently a great guest post by Elizabeth Clor on AdWeek’s Social Times, “How Facebook, Twitter Updates Improve Customer Service.”  As the platforms continue to evolve, it is encouraging to see a value-add for all of their users, individuals and brands alike, which is customer service. In a recent updates to Facebook and Twitter, there were […]

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Valuing Your Work: Tips and Tricks for Getting What You’re Worth

May 10, 2016


What's your work worth?

An unknown philosopher once said, “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.” What’s your work worth? When I was asking Karen Swim from SoloPRPro about topics for this week’s #SMChat / #SoloPR combination Twitter chat, she mentioned that there have been many stories lately about associations, publishers and event clients […]

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Nurturing trust in an #IoT world

May 3, 2016


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♫ Cuz we are living .. in a digital world, and I am just a digital girl .. ♫ Aaanyway, it kinda works .. LOL A recent Forbes post squarely hypes up the digitization wave steadily transforming our daily lives, more specifically in retail: the Internet of Things (#IoT) is set to invade your clothes!! And neither Madonna nor […]

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Politics in 140c: The Shifting Tide of Social Influence

April 26, 2016


Social Media can drive subtle changes in our thinking and behavior. Is there a shift in how our social decisions are influenced?

Birds of a feather flock together, it’s true. Unless they decide their flock is taking them in the wrong direction. How’s a bird in this day and age to decide? Our 3-part monthly #socialchange series on Politics enters the Twitter stream just at the U.S. presidential race is heating up. The debates have been going […]

Social Media and Attribution

April 11, 2016


Social Media and Attribution

According to EyeforTravel, the average hotel search is 17 days / 18 sites / 8 sessions / 16 clicks, but does social media get credit in your Analytics program? Unless you’ve done some attribution model modifications, it’s not likely. Adweek’s post on social media selling says even in a mobile world, social commerce’s impact on […]

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Musings on AI

March 31, 2016



Indeed, the possibilities and probabilities seem limitless. But what does the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) really mean for the everyday human? AI’s growing presence and staggering implications have been building momentum for a while now. In fact, one would not immediately realize this, but AI has been evolving since the 1950’s (see timeline infographic below – courtesy […]


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