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Customer Service Predictions 2015

March 17, 2015


The March Customer Service Feature for #SMChat will focus on predicted emerging trends in customer service. It is always a lively, engaging conversation and we hope that you will join us at 1PM ET on Wednesday, March 18th. As we approach the end of the first quarter, now seems to be an appropriate time to review the predicted Customer Service trends for 2015 and how they are impacting our businesses. We will also discuss, whether or not there are any trends that you expected to see and haven't seen yet.

What are you reading?

March 9, 2015


What are you reading?

I’m a reader. I read blog posts, websites, white papers, social media posts, ebooks and my personal favorite, written books. Many of my author friends ask, “What are you reading?” in order to get engagement on their Facebook feeds. The title of this post has dual meanings: I really want to know what you’re reading, […]

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Humanizing brands for mobile

March 2, 2015



A recent Forbes article cites a dominant marketing trend in mobile that will see “brands scrambling to humanize”. Now, I have to ask: is that a fair statement? Are marketers today really so dense that they haven’t once accounted for the fundamentally human aspect of social media and how it makes or breaks their strategies? […]

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More Coffee, Please: The World Hasn’t Changed. Just Yet.

February 25, 2015



Last month in our #socialchange deep dive, we asked: “Can a Cup of Coffee Change the World?”  Based on the turnout and the energized conversation that ensued, it seems the short answer might be “YES”. Thanks again to Jessie Mueller, owner of Rise Coffee Shop in St. Louis, for the java-based ‘pay it forward’ case […]

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Poor Customer Service Can Be Costly, Very Costly – It Could Cost Comcast $45 Billion

February 18, 2015


Customer service can make or break an organization, it may cost Comcast $45Billion. We will focus on customer service impacts and outcomes during the February 18th Customer Service Feature on #SMChat. We hope that you will join us at 1pm ET for a lively discussion.

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Social Media Sweet Spot

February 9, 2015


What's Your Social Media Sweet Spot?

Recently, there was a MarketingProfs article that discussed the best days and times to post content – the content “sweet spot” if you will… When you combine that with the proximity of Valentine’s Day, I started thinking about how the most popular isn’t always the best choice. Just like there were good and bad choices […]

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