SPECIAL: How is Social Media best used in the Defence and Military?

Posted on October 2, 2018 by


As a special one-off and part of our ongoing #Trends series, #SMChat in on October 10th at 1pm ET / 6pm UK will look at the topic of Social Media in the Defence and Military sector. The chat will be hosted by i3 Gen Ltd, led by @PaulEllisUK, one of the original #SMChat founders and @Ric_Cole.

It’s a little over two months until SMi’s Social Media in the Defence and Military conference on 28th – 29th November in London. There is an impressive line up of speakers covering a wide agenda from looking at Social Media use for Recruitment, Retention and Engagement with Home Audiences as well as how Strategic Communications supports Exercises and Operations that looks at the rise of disinformation, Hybrid Warfare and Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE).

i3 Gen recently published a review of RAND Corporation’s 2016 US InfoOps research report ‘Dominating Duffer’s Domain’ in which we considered the first 13 lessons through the perspective of Digital and Social Media. Building on that article and in preparation for the conference, we thought it would be interesting to discuss some core questions around Social Media use in and by defence sector organisations, both military and civilian.

We are seeing an increasing maturity and acceptance of the role of Social Media in Defence. The British Army recently published updated Guidance on Social Media use for all ranks. This guide was well written and widely welcomed throughout the British Army and wider. Whilst this is encouraging, it also brings to the forefront additional considerations around training, support, and of course security.

During the Twitter chat we would like to gather viewpoints and discuss the following questions:

Q1. How do you think social media should be used in the Military and Defence Sector today?

Q2. The use of ‘Story-telling’ structures and techniques are key to audience engagement. What are the best ways to tell stories with Social Media, considering the limited space for content?

Q3. Social Media is a fast moving, dynamic and often reactive environment. How can we balance the need to be timely with the permissions and approval authority requirements of our organisations, Military or Corporate?

Q4. Social Media has been used to develop false narratives and influence through the use of Imposter Accounts, Misinformation / Disinformation and deliberate trolling. How can we detect and handle fake Social Media?

— If time allows we will cover these ‘bonus’ questions.

Q5. What are some recent examples of good use of #MilSocialMedia?

Q6. What key questions would you like to see covered at the #MilSocialMedia conference?

To participate in the live Twitter Chat, just search for #SMChat or #MilSocialMedia on 10th October and we will kick-off at 1pm (13:00) ET / 6pm (18:00) UK Time.

To join in during the chat, please use A1. , A2. , A3. Etc at the start of your tweet and use the hashtags #SMChat #MilSocialMedia – we will then be able to create a transcript and share after the event.

If you have more questions you want answering or insights that will take more than 280 characters, or perhaps fear you won’t be able to make the chat but want your voice heard? Then please leave a comment below!