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This week we have a special treat – an #InnoChat and #SMChat combo! Saul Kaplan (@skap5), author of The Business Model Innovation Factory and Founder and Chief Catalyst at BIF will be the Tweeting at #SMChat on May 30, 2012 at 1P ET and again on #InnoChat the following day. Saul’s framing post for #SMChat can be found below and you can find his #Innochat framing post at: http://innochat.com/innochats/date/2012-05-31/business-model-innovation-factory-chat-2-joint-chat-hosted-smchat

Business models just don’t last as long as they used to. In my newly released book, The Business Model Innovation Factory, I take a deep dive into how to do R&D for new business models and social systems in the face of disruptive markets and competition. Organizations must clearly articulate and evolve their business models to stay relevant, sustainable and to deliver value at scale. Yet, too many organization leaders seem stuck using industrial era strategies that are no longer relevant in a rapidly changing world. Fortunately an emerging groups of leaders, aided heavily by social media platforms and tools are changing the way we communicate, connect and co-create to explore entirely new business models or ways to create, deliver and capture value.

It is inspiring and promising to watch our children take to these new communication and engagement platforms. The good news is the Millennials thrive in this new environment. It is a natural act for them. It gives me great hope for the future. As a dinosaur the only way for me to learn about and explore the power of social media platforms was to dive right in. I have become a Twittering fool! (@skap5) The curve has been steep but rewarding. It is exciting to be a participant in the seismic shift away from industrial era models of mass marketing and communication. The days of the big campaign developed behind closed doors followed by a grand unveiling comprised of orchestrated media placements and road show whistle-stops are behind us. Now the message is developed and honed every day. You don’t need an army of specialists to tell you what the message is. You just need to put your genuine ideas out in public every day where a community of interest can provide you with immediate feedback, help you to improve, and share your ideas with their networks if they like them.

No intermediaries required. Being genuine is valued above all else. No need to assign the task of sharing your perspective, idea, or message to a third party. Share them yourself.

I am fortunate to have an expanding network of interested individuals who humor me and keep egging me on. They provide immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t, what is of
interest and what isn’t, and what is funny and not so much. I listen a lot and try to improve the narrative. It is a powerful tool, and a great way to market ideas (and an even better way to battle those stints of writers block). Social media platforms are a game changer, and have truly revolutionized the way we do business.

Business model innovation is the topic of #SMchat for May 30, 2012. Join us at 1P ET as we explore these questions:

  1. How disruptive is social media to today’s business models?
  2. How do we ensure that “social” isn’t just a bolt on to current business models?
  3. How can social media platforms enable new ways to create, deliver and capture value?
  4. How do we go beyond exchanging ideas to creating purposeful networks?
  5. How do we leverage social media to enable collaborative innovation across silos?

To follow the #SMChat conversation, Saul will be Tweeting during #Innochat on Thursday, May 31st on business model innovation. Hope to see you on both chats!

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