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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

This week I came across two seemingly disparate emails.

The first was a report synopsis highlighting the findings of a join AOL and University of Virginia study. The conclusion…. 75% of all mobile ad impressions were viewed in the home. We tend to associate the mobile experience with being on the go. While that is certainly true in many instances there is another dynamic at work.

Increasingly many are spending more time on mobile devices and this is continuing to influence shopping behavior. In this same study conversion rates for mobile grew over 28% this past year.

Next I found an article explaining how Target is tightening their in-store mobile experience. While they are making access to wi-fi and coupons as part of enhancing the in-store experience I noticed they are connecting consumers to stores. The initial interaction with the app identifies a store nearby.

Savvy consumers have a plethora of alternatives, so retailers and marketers have to find ways to offer utility and value in order to be relevant for shoppers.

Let’s talk about the implications of creating a streamlined mobile experience.

Q1 How can marketers create a useful streamlined mobile experience?

Q2 Are there industries that benefit more than others?

Q3 How can streamlining apply to B2B relationships?

Q4 How do marketers keep up (stay relevant) with rapidly changing mobile options?

Q5 Would you advise a marketer to create mobile experiences or adopt a wait and see approach? Why?

Here links to the two articles

Target Article

AOL sponsored research

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