Time to Embrace a Mobile First Mindset?

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Based on some recent research data it appears as though mobile is moving up the purchase funnel. In increasing numbers, mobile users are starting the research process on their devices.

Mobile users have been known for their bias for action. As a result, mobile has typically been positioned at the bottom of the traditional purchase funnel.

65% of mobile searchers complete the purchase the same day. For the restaurant and entertainment category that benchmark drops to one hour. Mobile users are continuing to convert in high numbers, two out of three make a purchase.

R.I.P. Bricks and Mortar

Well maybe not so fast. Even though many retailers and small businesses fear that mobile will lead to showrooming and lost sales, the data paints a different picture.

23% say mobile has increased their retail store trips.

Location and direction constitute the largest volume of mobile lookup.emarketer leading search info

  • 53% of mobile users will make a call
  • 52% of consumers want a location within 5 miles
  • 19% indicated they bought less offline due to mobile




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In our chat today let’s talk about the implications of this survey data keeping in mind this is a global phenomenon.

Q1 What is a mobile first mindset? Why is it important?
Q2 What are some important first steps for businesses?
Q3 Where do businesses need to exercise caution?
Q4 What role do associates/staff play in this space?
Q5 What do you say to owner who thinks responsive design is sufficient?
Q6 How can businesses turn this trend into a competitive advantage?

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